Brandon Ashley Abstractor

Brandon has been involved with the title and land business in a variety of different capacities. From auditing Exploration and Production companies and oil and gas transportation companies for the State of Louisiana to managing land professionals in the petroleum industry to the preparation of abstracts of title for the real estate industry, Brandon has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding land and title.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Brandon began his career in Oil and Gas with the State of Louisiana as a Mineral Production Analyst for the Department of Conservation. While in this role, he analyzed and audited documents submitted by the petroleum industry. This data included the entire process of producing minerals, from the production and storage of hydrocarbons to the plugging and abandonment of wells. Brandon used the experience gained at the DOC to transition into a new career as a Petroleum Landman. Through various brokers, Brandon has worked on projects for such E & P’s as Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Encana Corporation, Hess Corporation and many more. He has also worked closely with midstream outfits such as Crosstex Energy (now known as EnLink Midstream) and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners. Brandon has performed duties ranging from the acquisition of oil and gas leases to the Project Management of multi-million dollar pipeline projects.

In 2014, Brandon and his wife Tiffany began a new chapter in their lives with the founding of Southern Title & Escrow, L.L.C. With his background in Oil and Gas and years of experience in land and title, Brandon has taken on the role of abstractor for Southern Title.

In addition to Southern Title, Brandon also owns Ashley Land & Title Co., L.L.C., which provides abstracts of title for the real estate industry in SW Louisiana, and Ashley Land Management, Inc., which provides title and land services to the petroleum industry.

Brandon is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) and Fusion Five.


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