Why choose us?

We are locally owned and operated and we will be here to answer your questions before, during and after your closing.

Why is this important? As a local company, we know that there is no substitution for a strong reputation and simply treating people right. We want to be YOUR title company for life. We know that with the growth Lake Charles is experiencing many companies will come and go, but your local companies will be here for the long haul, ready and willing to assist you now and in the future.

We are a full service title company and we can handle every aspect of your closing in-house as we have an in-house abstractor, an in house attorney, three notary publics and two escrow officers.

Why is this important? Simple. It gets you to the closing table faster and with less worry. When curative issues arise or legal documents need to be drafted, we can handle every aspect in-house so you do not have to seek outside services. In addition, with an in-house abstractor, we have the ability to have title produced faster than the competition and this means you get to the closing table quicker.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the title industry – including abstracting, title review, title opinions, notary services, escrow services, and closing experience.

Why is this important? Buying a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. However, many people leave it to others to decide who will review their title and handle their closing process. We pride ourselves on hiring experienced individuals who are leaders in the local title industry. We believe that investing in our people is the best way to ensure that you get the best quality service that Southwest Louisiana has to offer.

We offer same day funding on most transactions.

Why is this important? If you are a seller, then once you sign the required documents and they are filed of record, then you should be paid. We utilize a system where we are able to fund on the same day of closing which is important for transactions that are occurring back to back.

What exactly do we do?

We are asked this question a lot as most people know they “just show up and sign a lot of documents” at our office. Put simply – we handle the closing process of your real estate transaction from start to finish. Once we receive a title request, we collect the necessary information from the parties. We have an abstract of title prepared and reviewed by our attorney. This process is done to ensure that matters shown of record that could affect your interest are found and addressed prior to closing. For instance, any judgments, liens or mortgages bearing against the property would need to be satisfied or distinguished prior to closing and we handle this process.

In addition, we offer title insurance in the form of a lender’s title policy and an owner’s title policy. We schedule and coordinate the closing and work with the lender to ensure that all necessary documents, including all required legal documents are executed at the time of closing. At closing, we focus on making sure we provide you with all of the information that you will need about your transaction and being a homeowner in your respective parish. After closing, your part may be over, but ours is not. We must ensure timely filing of all records in the appropriate clerk of court’s office. In addition, we ensure that the lender obtains all required documents timely and in accordance with their closing instructions. We ensure that funds collected as per the Settlement Statement are properly disbursed and handle other post-closing matters.

We believe that excellent personal service with an emphasis on client communication is the key to providing you with an excellent experience. Our guarantee to you is that we will be here to answer your questions before, during and after your closing is complete.

Title Insurance

Protecting the largest investment of your life

Title Insurance is an important, but sometimes misunderstood aspect of purchasing a home. While most of us believe that when you purchase a home you are actually buying the physical building, you are really purchasing the title to the land upon which your home is situated. Title can be affected by claims asserted by others, which could adversely affect you and your new home. Title Insurance can be purchased for a one-time fee and it can protect you and your family from these hidden title hazards and defects for as long as you own your home.

When a problem arises with one’s title, the most common response from them is that someone in their last transaction told them “they didn’t need it [title insurance].” Without purchasing an owner’s title insurance policy, you are left to defend title to your property if a claim arises and this can result in costly litigation. Whether to purchase an owner’s policy should be a decision that is not made lightly by the purchaser as it is the purchaser who will be affected if a claim does arise in the future.

If you would like to learn more about how Title Insurance works to protect your home, please click on the informational links provided by First American Title Insurance Company of Louisiana.

Why purchase an owner’s title policy?

For a one-time fee, based on the purchase price of your home, you can have an owner’s title policy to protect you from title claims against your property that may arise in the future. It is important to remember that your lender requires a policy to protect their interest. When purchasing this policy, the homeowner is given a reduced premium if they simultaneously purchase an owner’s title policy.

If the attorney misses something, aren’t they responsible?

If a claim arises due to the attorney’s mistake, then yes, the attorney would be responsible for up to three years according to Louisiana law. However, it is important to remember that many title claims arise because of hidden defects that are not apparent from a review of the public records and thus are not the attorney’s fault. In this case, as the homeowner, you would have to defend title to your property which can cause you to incur costly legal fees. An owner’s policy can protect you for as long as you own your home for a one-time fee.

Attorney Services

Southern Title and Escrow, LLC, and its affiliated law Firm, LaComb Law Firm, LLC, are pleased to offer the following attorney services to our customers:


Title Examinations

A review and examination of an abstract of title and/or title search documents obtained from the local courthouse in the parish in which the subject immovable property is located by a licensed Louisiana real estate attorney.

Title Opinions

The attorney’s findings, opinions, critiques, criticisms and/or recommendations pertaining to the chain of title documents for the subject immovable property generated after a review of the abstract of title or other title search documents/materials.

Title Curative

Actions required to remedy, correct or quiet various title defects noted during the title examination process.

Wills and Successions

Preparation and filing of Last Will and Testaments and/or preparation and filing of Successions.

Notary / Escrow Services

The signature and seal of a Notary Public on a document indicates and validity of the document and that the signatures contained thereon are also valid.  With three licensed Notaries Public on staff, Southern Title and Escrow, LLC is well equipped to handle all of your notarial needs.

As an authorized Escrow service, we have a duty to all parties involved in a particular real estate transaction to make sure all funds are promptly and properly disbursed in accordance with the closing disclosures.